The original location of the kitchen in the house of Lope de Vega has never been known, although it was probably on the ground floor and not on the first floor, where it is located now. The uses during the time period and logic point more to the ground floor, which had easier access to the garden and well.

After a visit to the house, Azorín could not resist the temptation to underline certain incoherencies in the location of the kitchen, aided by the comments of two women from Bétara who, along with him, knew the building, and asked how Lope could find the peace and quite necessary to write with the banging of pots and pans right next to him.

A low, open hearth was put in the reconstruction of this room and kitchen utensils of the time were added. A storage cupboard was also added, a plate shelf with pieces from the 17th century, a clay jar for oil and several pieces of basic pottery.

Ladies' drawing room

Daughters' bedchamber


Guest room

Son's room

Lope de Vega's bedchamber


Lope de Vega's study

Servant's room

Dinning room