Lope de Vega's bedchamber

alcobalopeThe room, witness to the poet's death, is the smallest, most hidden and most intimate room in the house. It has one small window, up high, and another in the wall at the foot of the bed, which allowed the poet to see the oratory from his bed. Thus Lope, propped up with pillows, could follow mass when he was ill or some priest friend came to the house to celebrate mass.

"El gusto no se encierra en las bordadas camas", wrote the poet, thus showing the severe and austere character of his room. It is a testimony that was kept in mind during the recreation of the chamber, with an austere decoration, reduced to the bare minimum. Today we can see an urn with a small carving of Saint John the Baptist inside, a polychromatic relief, a font for holy water, a nightstand and an oil lamp, a priest's chair, a chest and a jug, wash basin and basin.

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Lope de Vega's bedchamber


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